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Products change constantly with our customers requirements. Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a call to see how we may help find it or build it for you!

Docking Probes

This unique device is used to latch and delatch an ROV from any payload or docking station. Buit with user real time selectable  latch OR delatch fail safe capability, this device gives you the flexibility that you need. No more having to recover the ROV to change out a fail safe mode! When used with our docking frame, payloads of up to 16,000 lbs can be achieved!

Sand bag deployment / Utility basket

Accuratlely deliver sand bags to a pipeline free span or structure scour location, collect lost toolling, slings, rigging, etc from the bottom without the use of additional lift lines in the water which can potentialy tangle with an ROV umbilical. Use with our docking frame and it is easy on / easy off so that the ROV can set the basket on bottom, release, and continue working. Saves on trips to the surface to change configurations!

ROV Lift Beam and Cursor System

Our engineers have experience with the design an fabrication of moon pool launch systems. The system shown here has been performing reliably for many years.

Cursor stops at the bottom of the moon pool and the lift beam continues down with the ROV to a safe depth, away from risky surface motion.

ROV detaches from the lift beam and continues down.                                                   Another successful deployment.

Modified manipulator jaw assebly for customised tooling application.

Standard manipulator jaws sometimes just are not optimum for some applications. We can make specialty parts to interface to your tooling which are field changeable. Convert from standard manipulator jaws to tooling specific mount in a matter of minutes.

Pump skid

Just think how fast this beast can remove drilling cuttings from around a well base. 75 hp is diverted from a work class ROV to make quick work of cuttings removal.

Level Wind Unit for storage drum built in to ship's hold.

We are not afraid of custom built products, it's what we do! Tell us what your application requirements are and let us see what we can come up with...