About us

We have been involved with both large scale operations and small custom tooling. With experience in large construction project, pipe lay, drill rig support, pipeline survey, environmental remediation, search and recovery, we are able to understand the problems you face.

Mechanical engineering, drafting, 3D modeling, software configuration, our talented engineers and staff are ready to help you perform and maximize profit on expensive offshore projects.

Pull testing - Proof loads or destructive testing.

With our 100,000 pound capacity load test jig we can easily proof test your rigging hardware, ROV hooks / shackles, or even test umbilical terminations for residual strength.

All tests are documented by a load test certificate showing the details of the test and photograph of the test configuration. Want to know how your umbilical's strength member is holding up? Send us 10 to 20 feet of your worked umbilical and termination. We will terminate the other end and pull to destruction (up to 100klbs) and generate the documentation you need to track the performance of one of your systems most critical components. Our jig is also large enough to accommodate most ROV frames for load path testing as well.

100,000 lb. Pull Test Jig


Sending partial or whole systems across the country or across the world? We can help. We know what it takes to get the job done. We can assist with packing, booking, and customs clearances where ever you wish to ship.

Load out of 2 work class ROVs and TMSs in 40 ft. open top container for overseas shipment at our Harvey, LA facility.